—— HYZOE Refrigeration is a full range of industrial chiller air-cooled, water-cooled, environmentally friendly, screw-type, liquid-filled, scroll-type and piston-type, suitable for various industries, such as injection molding, chemical, pharmaceutical, welding, hydraulic, testing , Construction, electroplating, food processing, precision industry, agriculture, etc. And provide one-stop solutions.
Air-cooled industrial chiller
The use of air for heat exchange is suitable for areas with insufficient water sources. It does not need to be equipped with a water tower, and is easy to operate, reasonable in design, excellent in quality, and complete in model.

Environmental protection chiller
The latest generation of highly efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmentally friendly air-cooled water units. The refrigerant uses R404, R407, R134a, etc. to prevent environmental damage.

Water-cooled industrial chiller
Water-cooled industrial chiller needs to be equipped with water tower, the cooling effect is better than air-cooled industrial chiller, high-efficiency shell-and-tube condenser, and the service life is extended by 3 to 5 years than ordinary condenser.
Low-temperature chiller

The low temperature chiller uses water that can cool below 0 ° C, and the lowest temperature can reach -30 ° C. It uses brand compressors and brand refrigeration accessories, which has excellent performance in low temperature processes.
Water-cooled screw chiller
Adopting semi-closed screw compressor, low carbon energy saving and environmental protection; according to customer needs and cold tonnage size, single or multiple combination. Temperature control requirements for large industrial manufacturing
Air-cooled screw chiller
The compressor uses a screw compressor, Siemens control system, and the condenser uses an efficient finned heat exchanger. The unit can be stacked according to the operating conditions. It has high stability and can be visualized.
Main application industries and advantages —— Faith Refrigeration is suitable for various industries, such as laser cutting, pharmaceutical industry, surface treatment, beer and beverage, plastic food, food processing, electronics, new energy, hydraulic, testing, construction, electroplating, agriculture, etc. From pre-design to post-construction guidance, covering the nationwide after-sales service network and personalized customization, we provide one-stop solutions.
Engineering application case —— Faith Refrigeration provides one-stop support for various industries. There are top 500 high-quality companies, leading companies in the industry, and scientific research institutions. Regardless of whether you have used refrigeration equipment, we will provide you with industry-specific case references and provide applications. It is recommended that the domestic and foreign projects we participate in are well received.
—— HYZOE Enterprise is committed to providing excellent refrigeration technical support and services to global customers. As a comprehensive group company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical service of industrial refrigeration equipment, it focuses on refrigeration, good quality, and more stability to become HYZOE Zhuofa
Shanghai HYZOE Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Taiwan HYZOE Enterprise. HYZOE Enterprise is committed to providing excellent refrigeration technical support and services to global customers. As a comprehensive company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services of industrial refrigeration equipment, Group companies, HYZOE enterprises set up industrial chiller production bases in Shanghai to better serve the Chinese market. Based on Taiwan's HYZOE enterprises, the company introduced a complete set of Italian production and management systems for continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and design and manufacture of high-quality industrial refrigeration equipment ; Industrial chiller, environmental chiller, low temperature chiller, screw chiller, laser chiller, industrial air cooler, dual-use temperature controller, industrial oil cooler and other products serve the industrial refrigeration field.

HYZOE companies have set up Chinese branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Kunming, and Qingdao, and have cooperated with dozens of countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Northern Europe, the United States, India, South Africa and The region has established long-term and stable business partnerships. The most convenient way to provide customers with the best quality services and products.
Professional refrigeration system manufacturer
We provide reasonable suggestions based on the cooling requirements of your main equipment, and provide professional judgment, design and selection according to the special requirements of your project. To achieve the ideal solution!

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